Hello Fall / by Kelly Garcia


Why does everything seem like magic in the Fall? The way the light bounces off the leaves, the crispness of the wind whistling as it passes the window of my loft, leaf peeping hikes, the absence of lawnmowers at 6am on the weekends, Halloween... it truly is a beautiful time of year. This season, I'm really looking forward to spending time with my pals, starting new holiday traditions with my husband, cooking, camping, carving pumpkins, and getting all my ideas on paper. I'm not sure if it's the tea kick i'm on or the harvest moon, but I'm filling the pages of my sketchbooks. Feels good.

In my dreams, Fall rolls around and I'm layered up in all my favorite wool socks and sweaters and cozying up next to a fireplace. In reality (Nashville, TN), Fall trickles in and I'm barely able to break out my favorite denim pieces without breaking a sweat. I'm most excited about my denim jumper. It's a good stand alone or layering piece, which means endless options for styling. 

What are you looking forward to this season? Any favorite Fall staples you're excited about?