The Desert, Dress, and Dreams / by Kelly Garcia


I don't wear dresses too often, especially bright colored dresses, but when I'm running around the desert, it's one of my three go-to's. It's hot during the day and chilly at night, so they make an awesome transitional piece. During the day, I keep my look minimal with a hat, boots, hat, and bandana. Then in the evening, I usually throw on an oversized wool sweater or duster, trade the bandana for a necklace, lose the hat and I'm set for the evening cocktails and dancing.

While I was editing these photos from my trip out west, I was thinking Man, I hope I'm still up to the same shenanigans when i'm 92 with weathered skin and long white hair. Growing up, Mama G always told me if I had a dream or a goal, I needed to have a physical photo of it printed and taped up where I would see it everyday - a vision board. Honestly, I let myself become so busy being busy that I haven't thought of a vision board this whole time I've been living in Nashville. In case you have no idea who I am or how long I've been in Nashville, it's a little over three years now! Three! How could I go so long without a vision for my life? So guess what I did the second I was done editing photos... yep. I wrote out a list of every dream and goal that I could think of, got on the trusty Pinterest to create my "2017 vision board", and printed out every photo. Everything from cheesy to the unrealistic is in that pile of photos and I'm taping them up as soon as I get home from work. 

Being busy without visualizing personal goals is a great way to zoom through the years and land nowhere. Now that I'm aware of how I've been blindly racing around the last 3 years, I'm pumping the brakes and heading in a new focussed direction. 

Do you practice visualization? Do you practice other methods to keep you focused on your dreams?