Fiery Gizzard / by Kelly Garcia

All photos by Jessica Wardwell of  Ramble and Roll  and Annelise Blackwood of  Annelise  Claire Photography .

All photos by Jessica Wardwell of Ramble and Roll and Annelise Blackwood of Annelise  Claire Photography.

Fiery Gizzard has quickly become one of my favorite hikes since moving to Nashville. Whether it's a full weekend campout or just a short day hike to Raven's Point and back, I can always count on losing myself on that trail and re-charging my soul. Before living in Nashville, TN, I lived outside of Houston in Cat Spring, Texas. I had a tiny white farm house on a good size lot with two huge trees that had to be over 100 years old. I miss sitting on my porch hammock and listening to the wind blow through the leaves and branches. My weekend getaways were either a spring dip outside of Austin or heading to Galveston to skate the boardwalk and enjoy the salty air and sound of waves crashing. Man, I could listen to waves forever. 

Once I settled into a new life in Nashville, I discovered something about myself. I need time outdoors. With the nearest ocean about 8 hours away, I then discovered my love for the mountains. I don't think it competes with my love for the desert or the sea, but it's a good love. Once I'm on a trail, I could hike until my legs fall off. After the first hour, my crazy brain of mine finally shuts up and I'm able to be at peace. I can feel my face relax and I don't have to keep reminding myself to unclench my jaw. It's the perfect reset. 

How do you re-charge after a noisy week of work?