Settling In by Kelly Garcia

I live in a studio apartment that's just under 600 square feet with my husband, Seth Pineapple, and our dog Zeyk. Mid September marked one year, and that change craving, restless feeling is setting in. I either need a new space or i have to completely re-do the one we're in to cure the madness in my brain. I love/hate that feeling because it's tends to get expensive. 

We moved into our studio apartment directly following our honeymoon and the whole first year was filled with the not so exciting chore of deciding what to keep, sell, donate, and trash. Now we are finally moving into the fun phase of re-imagining our tiny space. My Pinterest boards are filling up and I have ideas taped up on my wall and sketch out on loose pieces of paper in my tote bay and around my desk. 

While we have a lot of good things to work with (white walls, tall exposed ceiling, original wood floors, a big restroom with a tub, a storage closet down the hall), our single window is a major drawback for us. We are both a little plant crazy and love tons of natural light, so we've had to adjust by getting more mirrors to bounce the light and by getting plants that like darker space. If you have any tricks for dealing with dark living spaces, please let me know! Other than filling our space with shade plants and mirrors, the rest is a blank canvas. 

Here are a few living spaces I wanna cozy up in. 

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