Let's Catch Up! by Kelly Garcia


How the hell does a person start writing blog posts after years of not? I have no idea, but I’m going to give it my best because I miss the community and I miss documenting/sharing my life with you. Without further delay, let’s catch up!

Since last year, a lot has changed for me and the pineapple. For starters, we moved from a tiny studio apartment to single bedroom loft (doors, yay!). Same building, different unit. We are in a constant tug a war with saving and buying new (sometimes antique) furniture. This month, furniture won as we bought a new bed frame. haha. I’ll be posting more about the home inspiration, results, and updates soon.

As for work, both of our lives took a turn for the better. Last Spring, Seth was asked to audition for (my BFF) Amanda Shires and got the gig as one of two guitar players in the band! He’s been on the road with her for almost a year now and to add a cherry on top, I joined the Amanda Shires/Jason Isbell camp last Fall. Working with my husby, BFF, and our pals, holy shit. We feel incredibly lucky. I’ll definitely post photos from our adventures on the road soon.

The third major update of the 2018 is I joined Rodan + Fields last Fall as a sales consultant. First off, I grew up with a hairstylist mother, so the beauty industry has always intrigued me. Second, after giving R+F Lash Boost and Unblemish regimen a shot and having major success, how could I not sign up? Seriously, I’ve never felt more confident without make up in all my life. I’m always sharing products I love on IG or over a hang out, so why not continue to do that and make a little extra money? Having a side hustle really helps us out during the months Seth is off the road and when we are on the road, it helps to advance our other goals like saving for a house, a new car, investments, kid(s), future business goals, vacations, etc… I’ll continue to post about my R+F journey on IG and here on the blog. Let me know if you have any questions.

One more update, but it’s not ready to share. Stay tuned!

I’m stoked to be back in the swing of blogging and look forward to sharing life with you.