Marfa, Texas by Kelly Garcia


Houston > Balmorhea Lake > Marfa > Guadalupe Mountains National Park

I've been out to Marfa, Texas a handful of times and without question each visit has been uniquely different. My most recent trip was unplanned and off schedule. My sister, Brandi and I landed there a few days early because of a few Bozos were messing with us while we were setting up camp at Balmorhea Lake. Balmorhea State Park, where the beautiful spring-fed pool is, was book out and after a full day driving, "6 miles down the road" was the most appealing solution. You can read the full story about all that here. Long story short, we found ourselves in a bind and heading off route and down south about an hour to a place we knew would be safe, Marfa, Texas. Not only do we have friends there, but if for some reason we found ourselves getting messed with, I'm certain my scream would be heard by the entire town. It's teeny.

Sure, getting knocked off route was a bummer, but once we got checked in to El Cosmico our disappointment quickly turned to excitement. This gave us a chance to toss out the itinerary (HELLO SPONTANEITY!) and check out recommendations that were coming in from friends who heard we were on a West Texas road trip. One of which became the highlight of our whole trip, but more about that later.

Before we re-routed the rest of our trip, we called our pals Colt and Logan and decided what we would do the next day in town. Marfa is a funny little town where businesses are always growing, shifting, moving away or moving in town. A few of our favorite businesses have moved on (I think our local friends counted near 27 in the last 6 or so years), but below are a few of our favorites I am happy to see continue to thrive. If you make it out to Marfa, TX...

Walk or bike around town
Learn about Donald Judd
Shop at Cobra Rock Boot Company
Load up on Marfa Brand Soap
See a show at Marfa Ballroom
Chinati Foundation
Glamp at El Cosmico
Pick up lotion (you'll need lots) and refill your cooler at The Get Go
See Marfa Mystery Lights
Swing in the Freda Shop
Watch the sunrise and set

Eat + Drink:
Hang out at Planet Marfa. Maybe challenge a pal to a round of pingpong
Order Spicy Margaritas at Bar Saint George
Grab Ice cream and/or coffee at Frama. It's next door to Tumbleweed Laundromat, so bring your dirty clothes and a pocket full of change!
Eat a burrito bigger than your face at Marfa Burrito - Cash only!
End the night at Lost Horse. If you're lucky, it'll be karaoke night.

Visit Nearby:
McDonald Observatory
Prada Marfa
Terlingua Ghost town
Big Bend

When you do make it out to West Texas, keep in mind that you are no longer in a busy city where faster is better. Remember to slow your roll and take notice of what is going on around you. Breathe deep and walk slow. Smile and maybe talk to a few locals and get the scoop on what to do around town.

If there's something you have really enjoyed doing in Marfa, Texas, please let me know what? I'm always looking for new things to explore around places I love. 

PS Brandi just posted about "How We Road trip" over on Mucho Mucho Bueno Bueno. Be sure to check that out!